Working with your team to align your supply chain capabilities with business strategy. Our consultants are well equipped to help you shape your logistics strategy and reach your goals efficiently.

Our logistics strategy services helps to articulate the supply chain impact of changes to business strategy and generating the ideas of how to achieve new strategic direction.

Logistics network strategies define how products flow from suppliers to warehouse and on to customers.

We review your existing network model to assess the network’s capability against the customer service proposition.

Our data-driven modelling approach can demonstrate the costs and service implications of a range of options,

  • Extending online order cut-offs
  • Improved lead-times and store delivery frequency
  • Same-day customer delivery
  • Reducing working capital
  • Maintaining availability, etc

Supply chain has become a market differentiator, as customers place increasing demands on the companies they do business with.

We translate your customer service strategy into what that physically looks like and means for your logistics network and supply chain.

Our data-driven modelling approach can demonstrate the costs and service implications of a range of options, including:

  • Extending online order cut-offs
  • Same-day customer delivery
  • Reducing working capital
  • Maintaining availability, etc

The advent and rapid growth of eCommerce has led to many bricks-and-mortar retailers developing omni-channel propositions with seamless online and in-store experiences and efficient fulfilment.

We utilise our experience working with many other operations to identify and leverage the synergies between channels as part of the solution design. Our solutions include:

  • Redesign of a logistics network
  • Deployment of technology for more efficient fulfilment
  • Strategically outsourcing activities to enhance a service offering
  • Optimising current process, etc

A review of what items or ranges are stocked where in your supply chain, to meet working capital and physical capacity objectives within the network.

Thorough analysis of order and stock profiles identifies items and product ranges that are understocked/overstocked and leads to the composition of a new stocking policy.

By ranging only what is required, businesses can drive down inventory and space costs while achieving improvements in availability.

Cost-to-serve analysis for certain product ranges can also shed light on how profitable or costly these are to the business.

Definition of how each of your sites should be used and the appropriateness of its location in relation to changing customer behaviour and service requirements.

Our logistics and supply chain consultants identify the centre of gravity through analysis of inbound and outbound flows, and model the site and transport costs of a range of scenarios

The optimal locations and uses of each site are identified and a transition plan and business case is produced to demonstrate the phasing and feasibility of implementing the recommendations.

The strategic decision-making to outsource logistics functions or bring them back in-house.

We review your logistics operations and perform a SWOT analysis of the current setup and benefits of taking an alternative path

Clients can expect a report articulating the pros and cons of each decision and how it fits with the overall company strategy.

If a decision to outsource is taken, further assistance can be provided, including:

  • Tender documentation (RFI and RFQ)
  • Tender process management
  • Partner selection and contracting
  • Implementation project management.