Christmas Message 2019

It is almost time to set our out-of-office and close our laptops on 2019.

For everyone lucky enough, this will be followed with a wonderful break to spend with loved ones, reconnect and recharge. The break will not be quite as long for what is clearly the backbone of the industry; every warehouse team processing customer orders from sales events, every delivery driver ensuring that stores are well stocked and everyone receives their last minute presents, everyone serving drinks and food in pubs and restaurants across the company, and those on the front line of retail delivering festive shopping experiences.

Thank you and good luck to everyone fulfilling these roles, especially at this time of year. I’m pretty sure that life wouldn’t function anywhere near as seamlessly without their dedication and support. And I would certainly be short of a few important Christmas presents without them.

2019 has been a fantastic year for BoxLogic. In our first full year, we have worked on some really exciting and fantastic logistics projects and are so pleased to have the support and trust of our amazing clients. We have exceeded all of the targets that we set ourselves for the first full year in business and are brimming with excitement at what 2020 has to offer.

Brexit looks as though it will happen and we await to see what this means for supply chains and the logistics industry. The withdrawal agreement bill looks likely to be passed through parliament but the hard graft will likely start after January 2020. There will be eleven months to secure a trade deal with the EU that may or may not include the free movement of goods between the UK and mainland Europe. This could lead to a significant degree of reconfiguration of business’ supply chain and logistics operations, particularly for those that have not acted yet.

I would also expect sales on big-screen TVs and 24-packs of beer in the summer as the European Championships gets underway across Europe. This will bring a significantly different logistics challenge to move vast numbers of supporters across Europe to cheer on their teams in the first iteration of the tournament to spread the event across the continent. Hopefully, this leads to a party atmosphere right across Europe. At least up until someone loses on penalties anyway. Perhaps, football may just ‘come home’ with the chance of England to win the final in our backyard.

Whatever happens, BoxLogic will be there to support our clients to deliver upon their customer promises. Our team of logistics and supply chain consultants look forward to solving all sorts of challenges from capacity expansion to cost-down. To everyone out there, Merry Christmas and happy new year!