BoxLogic attend TGW Fashion Expert Days

BoxLogic recently attended TGW’s ‘Fashion Expert’ event in Wels, Austria. This was an insightful experience to see how a leading systems integrator is responding to the omnichannel challenge; the shifting mix of customer demand towards online fulfilment.

TGW were keen to emphasise the solutions they offer were effective for both retail and eCom fulfilment. This would therefore provide customers with comfort that their solutions could, in theory, accommodate any future mix between the channels.

The three technologies that were demonstrated included:


Further content included auto-packing, platforms, RFID big data and forecasting analysis, exploring trends in the fashion industry.

This was a fantastic opportunity for BoxLogic to further develop our market knowledge in the sector and within the vendor base. As an impartial logistics consultancy with significant expertise in warehouse automation, our consultants develop end-to-end concept designs of automated warehouse solutions for our clients before tendering to the market. BoxLogic would like to express its gratitude to TGW Ltd for the invitation to a well organised and informative event.