BoxLogic Celebrates Successful Year with Family Away Day

BoxLogic recently organised an action-packed day of fun to celebrate the hard work and successes across our team as well as the support of our families.

Having filled up on a tasty lunch, followed by a kickabout on the Wokefield Park football pitch for those interested, people were divided into teams to tackle the 90’s favourite, The Crystal Maze! The younger members of the extended BoxLogic family were nominated as team captains, and guardians of the prized Crystals. These were won for completing the varied challenges. After a strenuous warm up for the two teams led by the eager gymnasts of the Scott household (including burpees, press ups and frog walks!), the games were underway.

Several challenges were completed, testing each teams’ problem solving, coordination and teamwork skills resulting in crystals for all, and better yet, no lock-ins, for those that remember the TV show. The crystals were cashed in for time in the Crystal Dome, each team had their opportunity to grab gold tokens blown around inside the dome, where we witnessed Harry furiously pinning tokens of all colours against the inflatable walls. The wooden spoons and winners’ medals were handed to the teams, and we were all glad for the rest in preparation for the afternoons second event, Taskmaster!

Three teams, battling it out to be the ultimate Taskmaster(s)! Blow the biggest balloon without bursting it whilst blindfolded, draw Taskmaster Ben only with condiments and spoons, build the slowest hot air balloon to descend from the first-floor balcony.

The kids excelled themselves and demonstrated a strong competitive edge throughout. The adults had their moments of quality and energy. After a feast, we all went home thoroughly exhausted and looking forward to next year’s event, hopefully with a larger team!

As in any work environment, we work with our colleague’s day-in-day-out and we take an interest in each other’s lives, but we seldom get the opportunity to meet the people that motivate and inspire them to do what we do every day. We, at BoxLogic are logistics consultants, but this is only part of what defines us. It was amazing to have the opportunity to see beyond that.

A massive thank you to Nish for organising. Amazing effort from the GOTO Events to accommodate such a wide range of ages and making it so fun.

Thinking caps are already fitted to scope ideas for 2023’s day!