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BoxLogic exhibited at IMHX 2019. The event was extremely successful and we plan to exhibit / organise more events in the near future. You can read about the event in the Insights section below.

Some of the upcoming events being considered are –

  • Total Supply Chain Summit (Nov 2019, Manchester)
  • Logimat 2020 (March 2020, Stuttgart)
  • IntraLogisteX (March-April 2020, Coventry)
We will also be celebrating (TBC) our 1st year anniversary on 23rd October 2019! Details will be online soon. 

We look forward to seeing you!


Focus Magazine Advertisement

Who has seen our latest advert in the June edition of the CILT’s Focus Magazine? If not, check out the online version at Automated Storage

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Is pay-in-aisle the future of retail?

Co-op is introducing pay-in-aisle in 30 stores across UK – The retailer appears to be following the footsteps of Amazon Go’s checkout-less convenience stores

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