Our Approach

1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of your business objectives and agree a defined scope of work that provides assurance of what you can expect as an output of our involvement.
2. A project kick-off comprising the key project resources of all parties will set out the plan, data requirements, roles and responsibilities in addition to evaluating any project risks.
3. Familiarisation of the business involving stakeholder interviews, data collection and validation, in addition to seeing the operation in action.
4. A planning base will be produced through data analysis, interviews and observations to summarise the main flows of the operation; this will be reviewed with the stakeholders to validate our understanding.
5. Technology evaluation utilising the planning base data and growth projections to evaluate a range of pre-agreed manual and automated solutions based on our expert knowledge of the industry.
6. The preferred concept design is tendered to the market, followed by a vendor selection process and support in contracting and negotiation.
7. As an option, our support can be extended into detailed design, implementation and testing support.