Business Case Support

Support to build a compelling and achievable business case

The business case is a critical element to any large transformational project or capital expenditure. Any business will have an array of projects in the pipeline and they need to determine which investments provide the best return within the overall capital constraints. To stand out, a business case needs to be clear and attractive to secure approval.

The importance of the business case is sometimes undervalued and not provided the right level of resource to get this right – the results of which can be quite serious. Missing assumptions can cause delays to project approval while underestimated costs lead to difficult conversations at later stages and potentially reductions in scope, and therefore benefits. Inflated budgets, on the other hand, can reduce the attractiveness of the investment against other projects.

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BoxLogic consultants have delivered many transformation projects in the past, including investments in warehouse automationnetwork reconfigurationoutsourcing logistics activities and warehouse management systems. Our expertise and support can help you to build a realistic and compelling business case. We naturally support this process where we have contributed to the design of the investment. In such cases we would work with your commercial finance and operational team to provide the budget capital cost of the project, budgeted operational costs and capture any ancillary benefits.

We are also capable of supporting or auditing business cases where we have not carried out the design work, providing independent oversight to evaluate and challenge key assumptions.

The benefits of working with BoxLogic to support the build of a realistic business case include our:

  • Significant experience in building and supporting business cases in logistics transformations
  • Independent, expert advice to challenge assumptions – and capture and measure all of the key impacts of a project
  • Professional approach and ability to work with stakeholders at all levels of the organisation
  • Ability to distil the complex into easy-to-consume simple messaging
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Contact BoxLogic to find out how we can support you to build a realistic and compelling business case for your logistics transformation in one of the following ways: