Logistics Tender Management

Robust tender process for logistics services, equipment or software

BoxLogic offer our expertise and robust approach to logistics tender management. Whether you are outsourcing logistics processes or procuring equipment, our consultants can add value. Tendering is a core element of the procurement process and it represents an important step to selecting the right partner.

Our consultants are well-practised in tendering a range of logistics products and we typically perform this as a follow-on phase of work following other strategic or design work. Our team can tender any of the following services for your supply chain:

Automated Warehouse Solutions
BoxLogic are specialists in the tendering of warehouse automation solutions. Our consultants have very strong relationships across the vendor base, through our vast experience of taking client solutions to market. We know exactly what the vendors are looking for to provide the most accurate and comprehensive proposal and budget.
Logistics Services
Whether your supply chain is looking to find a new partner to outsource logistics activities or testing the market as a contract renewal approaches, BoxLogic can add value. Our consultants can manage tenders in warehousing, transport, returns and value-added services to support you in finding the partner that you can trust.
Logistics Software
Our consultants can utilise their experience in tendering and logistics systems to manage tenders for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transport Management Systems (TMS), Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) or inventory management and forecasting software. In a large and complex market, allow us to help identify the right potential partners for you.
Material Handling Equipment
BoxLogic can support your operation to select a wide range of Material Handling Equipment (MHE) including storage and picking equipment, racking, mezzanines, forklift trucks, conveyor, packaging equipment and more.

We operate a consistent and robust approach to tendering to ensure that a fair and independent decision can be made:

Solution Specification
Our consultants rapidly compose tender documentation, customising our template version. The Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Quotation (RFQ) provides a strong base for vendors to shape bids.
Tender Management
The RFI and RFQ are released to the vendors. Our team can manage the communications, the Q&A process and measure engagement throughout the process to maximise the response rate of timely, fully-costed proposals.
Vendor Selection
Proposals are reviewed against a pre-agreed scorecard, prioritising the elements that are most important to the client. Presentations and site visits are carried out to identify a preferred supplier.
Contract Negotiations
We work with your team to negotiate any outstanding issues and agree contractual terms. This is where outside expertise can identify common pitfalls in contracts that better balance the risks between each of the parties.

BoxLogic can serve any part of the process. Our team manage the complete end-to-end process on behalf of some clients, while other clients are happy to manage the tender process themselves but require support to produce comprehensive and professional documentation, or in the selection process.

We are flexible and happy to fit around your requirements. Naturally, our logistics consultants will have a better understanding of your operation if the tender phase follows a warehouse designWMS functionality review or network strategy assessment.

The benefits of working with BoxLogic to manage your tender activities are:

  • Robust and fair tender selection process for potential suppliers
  • Time saved through customising template documents
  • Expert advice of appropriate suppliers to contact for each opportunity
  • Impartial advice dedicated to finding the right approach for you
  • Professional team capable of working at all levels of the organisation
  • Expert contractual support to identify and rectify issues
  • Strong links across the 3PL, systems, MHE and automation vendor bases
Articulated trucks
WMS, warehouse management systems, connectivity
project management and implementation, from concept design to go live
warehouse automation, pallet ASRS, robots, AGVs

Contact BoxLogic to find out how we can support your tendering for logistics services and equipment in one of the following ways: