Warehouse Design

Designing the optimal size, layout and material handling equipment for a warehouse

The warehouse, or distribution centre (DC), is a critical node of any supply chain or logistics function. Generally, a DC receives, stores and ships product to customers. The objective of a warehouse design project is to create a concept design which utilises the most appropriate and efficient material handling equipment to support the distribution centre’s throughput requirements.

The optimal warehouse design will depend on the throughput requirements, handling units (i.e. pallets, cases, units or other), size and height of the proposed warehouse facility and a business’ investment appetite. We use our extensive experience in designing distribution centres and market knowledge of solutions to evaluate the capital and operational costs of a range of feasible solutions before proposing a recommended solution.

Our expert consultants are adept at designing a new solution from scratch, in addition to redesigning or extending an existing solution. As an independent consultancy, we can evaluate a range of solutions under the same assumptions to identify the most appropriate technology without you having to engage a single vendor. We use a robust, data-driven approach ensures that all design assumptions are suitable so that the solution concept is both fit-for-purpose and practical.

BoxLogic are also experts in warehouse automation and so can effectively assess the most effective solutions regardless or whether you are only considering manual technologies or want to compare manual versus mechanised versus automated approaches.

The deliverables of warehouse design projects depend on the exact requirements but will typically include a detailed 2D CAD drawing of the concept layout, equipment schedule of items to procure, business case input and a report detailing the overall solution including the operational flows and evaluation of the different picking and storage methods. BoxLogic can even provide 3D rendered images or a VR (virtual reality) solution to communicate the vision of the new solution across the organisation.

BoxLogic can support your organisation from the concept design through to tendering and procurement, implementation and go-live.

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Typical Project Approach

We develop a strong working understanding of your warehouse and operating model by facilitating a kick-off workshop and interviewing key stakeholders to enhance our understanding and build a picture of the project requirements.

We analyse representative data sets to understand current operational flows. These are overlaid with growth projections to create a ‘planning base’. This is used as a key input to the option modelling phase.

Our consultants agree a shortlist of feasible options with the client project team. We then create bespoke models to evaluate the capital cost, operating cost, footprint, and service levels of each option. A preferred solution is then agreed for further development based on the return on investment and appetite for capital investment.

We work with you to further develop the preferred solution and build a business case for board approval and to define a transition plan to the future state solution. We can also support the tendering of the solution through to implementation and go-live.

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