Warehouse Design

Establishing the optimal size, layout and equipment for a warehouse

BoxLogic are warehouse design experts. Our understanding of the different storage and picking technologies on the market ensure that you have an independent partner to design an optimal warehouse solution. Whether you want to extend or redesign all or part of an existing operation – perhaps are looking to design a new warehouse from scratch, we can identify the right solution before you approach a single vendor. The warehouse is a major driver of supply chain efficiency and poorly designed warehouses generate inefficiencies that cannot easily be changed. Appointing skilled resource in this area can mitigate potential pitfalls.

As warehouse automation specialists, we are well-equipped to evaluate whether automation technology is financially feasible in your operation. Our consultants assess the return on investment against manual solutions and will clearly state when a manual approach is more appropriate. Our data-driven approach ensures that all design assumptions are well-grounded so that we can design a solution concept that is both fit-for-purpose and practical.

We deliver warehouse design projects for operations of all sizes using our proven and methodical approach:
Firstly, we set out to understand how your operation works. We learn about the fundamental challenges and what needs to be addressed in a future design. We work with stakeholders at all levels via interviews and workshops to develop a view of what good looks like to your business.
Planning Base
The goal is to agree the future volumes around which to design the warehouse solution. We achieve this by analysing a representative data sample to establish the current average and peak order profiles and volumes. We forecast profile changes and agree the design volumes in a series of workshops.
Option Modelling
To select a preferred concept solution, our consultants agree a range of potential storage and picking options with your team. We then create bespoke models, evaluating the capital and operational costs and size of each option, recommending the solution that offers the most attractive ROI.
Solution Development
After a preferred solution has been agreed, we develop the concept further by producing CAD layouts, 3D renders and a proposed transition plan. We confirm the budget Capex and Opex to feed into your business case and can support the board approval process if required.

Warehouse design is a core capability of our logistics consultants and we are the perfect partner for the end-to-end realisation of a warehouse design project. From the creation of a concept design we can also support follow-on phases including the tendering, selection and contracting of MHE equipment, in addition to project management and implementation support.

The benefits of working with BoxLogic to design your warehouse operations are:

  • Significant project experience in a range of industries
  • Impartial advice dedicated to finding the right solution for you
  • An established, methodical approach proven across many projects
  • Strong knowledge of market solutions and budget costs
  • Professional team capable of working at all levels of the organisation

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