Operational Capacity Review

Review of your operational bottlenecks and plan for growth

Every operation has a limit to its capacity, whether it be a storage or throughput constraint.  BoxLogic’s highly skilled consultants can conduct an operational capacity review of any logistics operation, no matter how manual or automated the facility, providing clarity around the effective utilisation of the current solution.

Our team build a picture of the current operational capacities by working closely with the operations team to develop bespoke models that evaluate the projected volumes against the equipment capacities. Once the models are signed off as a true reflection of the operation, we aim to handover the model to members of the logistics team and provide support to evaluate a range of future growth scenarios.

With an understanding of where the operations constraints are, our consultants can facilitate workshops aimed at creating development plans to mitigate any problem areas.

The benefits of our capacity modelling approach:

  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • Ownership of an internal tool for ongoing capacity evaluation
  • Full training and user guide of the any model that is handed over
  • Collaborative approach, working at all levels of the operation facilitating knowledge transfer
  • Strategic tools for medium to long-term logistics developments
  • Tactical tools for daily or weekly use to support operational planning such as resource planning
Operational capacity review, containers and trailers, systems, network capacity

Our experienced and analytical consultants have experience developing operational models to evaluate the operational capacity of a single warehouse, all the way up to entire logistics networks. The output of these models can be used as tactical tools to support every day operational planning or strategic tools that are used to develop long-term capacity improvement plans.

The requirement to understand operational capacity is increasingly crucial as sales driven events such as Black Friday push logistics sites to the limit. Operational capacities come in many forms and we have a range of approaches to measure the capacity of:

  • Equipment quantity – MHE trucks, pallet slots, pickfaces, packing benches etc.
  • System rates of automation equipment and associated labour
  • Operating footprint in outsort or grid-pick operations

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