Operational Improvements

Improving the service or efficiency of your logistics operation

Operational improvements exist within every operation, there is always potential to do something better, faster or more accurately. But over time, dealing with inefficiencies just becomes part of the process – “the way we’ve always done things”. But this doesn’t have to be true and a fresh pair of eyes can often ask the simple questions to help re-expose the issue.

Our consultants are vastly experienced in warehousing and logistics. BoxLogic are flexible and we can work specifically on a single, known issue or we can review an operation to identify opportunities. We target opportunities which lead to increases in accuracy, reductions in cost and enhancements to service.

To identify inefficiencies, we review existing processes and productivity data, benchmark against industry standards and work with the operational team to uncover the aspects of the job that make life harder. Opportunities can then be categorised to provide a delivery roadmap based on the corresponding expected benefits and ease of implementation.

Ease of implementation vs benefit chart

Our experienced consultants can facilitate or participate in the workshops focusing on designing solutions to address opportunities. We can add value with our broad industry knowledge and expertise in delivering process, mechanical or systems solutions across the industry.

The benefits of working with BoxLogic to identify and deliver improvement opportunities are:

  • Professional and highly-skilled team able to communicate effectively at all levels of an organisation
  • Significant exposure across other operations to share best practice ideas
  • Highly analytical to capture and size the opportunities that will have the biggest impact
  • Excellent understanding of how physical processes mirror systemic processes with WMSTMS or WCS
  • Experienced workshop facilitators to support operational ownership of the opportunity until realisation
  • Ability to project manage and implement solutions, if required
  • Specialist understanding of warehouse automation and where technology can be deployed
Operational improvement, LLOP in aisle

Contact BoxLogic to discuss how an operational review can uncover and realise opportunities in your warehouse in one of the following ways: