Transport Optimisation

Realise service and efficiency improvements withing your freight operations

Transport is a core element of a supply chain and distribution network cost base. Transport optimisation projects focus on reviewing your existing inbound and outbound transport operations to identify potential options to improve service or reduce costs.

Optimisation projects can take many forms and could include one or more of the following being considered: implementation of cross docking, route optimisation, scheduling, identification of backhaul opportunities, cost-to-serve modelling, inter-drops and last mile capability, cost benchmarking, the adoption of systems or inbound supply routing.

The key deliverable of transport optimisation projects is a report detailing the impacts of deploying a range of different options including recommended solution that involves one or more of the potential options. Our consultants also provide a transition roadmap and support or lead the business case preparation and approval process.

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Typical Project Approach

We develop a strong working understanding of your logistics operations by facilitating a kick-off workshop and interviewing key stakeholders to enhance our understanding and build a picture of the project requirements.

We analyse representative data sets to understand current operational flows and create visualisations to clearly illustrate the transport arrangements. This data is used to identify areas for improvement and model alternative solutions.

Our consultants agree a shortlist of feasible options with the client project team. We then create bespoke models to evaluate the financial and service levels of each scenario. A preferred solution is then agreed for further development.

We work with you to further develop the preferred solution and build a business case for board approval and to define a transition plan from the current to future state.

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