Transport Optimisation

Realise improvements in your international and local freight

Whether you operate an in-house team or outsource to a 3PL, our logistics consultants work with your team to optimise your transport operations:

  • Model a range of network design options, i.e. number and location of cross-dock facilities
  • Route optimisation and scheduling
  • Review of transport operations and network
  • Identify opportunities for backhaul, third-party deliveries, partner network synergies, etc.
  • Review reverse logistics and returns management
  • Cost-to-Serve modelling
  • Review inter-drops and last-mile delivery capability
  • Network visualisation and evaluation
  • Transport and international freight cost benchmarking
  • 3PL review, potentially including tendering and selection
  • Review and improvement of transport planning process
  • TMS review, potentially including selection and implementation
  • Review of port usage and freight mode
 Transport makes up, on average, 50% of logistics budgets and it is increasingly challenging to deliver amidst a chronic driver shortage, increasing emissions regulations, limited delivery windows and omni-channel fulfilment pressures.

We work with your team to understand the current transport operation and identify opportunities by evaluating against best practice and alternative scenarios. We utilise a mixture of in-house built tools and modelling and also have access to leading market software. We have developed our methodical and analytical approach through vast experience of projects across a variety of sectors and geographies.

Potential benefits of transport optimisation can include:

  • Savings in transport and freight costs
  • Reduction in ‘wasted’ miles
  • Minimise inter-site movements
  • Reduced carbon footprint to drive wider sustainability goals
  • Make transport a strategic asset
  • Improve On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) delivery performance
  • Improve service offering and capability
  • Identify strategic partners aligned to your values

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