Logistics Network Strategy

Define or optimise your logistics network strategy

Logistics network strategy is critical to the performance of the supply chain. The logistics network is the physical infrastructure, systems and processes that deliver products from supplier to end-customer, often via warehousing facilities.

The central question when defining a logistics network strategy is how to fulfil orders in line with the customer proposition in the most efficient way. There are several questions that hang off this like:

  • How many warehouses or stockholding locations are needed?
  • Which location provides the coverage of customers?
  • What stock profile should each warehouse operate with?
  • How big does each warehouse need to be?
  • Are cross-docking sites required to support final mile delivery?
  • Which type of vehicles should be used for deliveries?
  • Which activities, if any, should be outsourced or kept inhouse?
outsourcing_supplychain, KPIs

Most projects that we undertake broadly follow the below approach with subtle changes to allow for client specific challenges:

The objective is to develop a strong working understanding of the logistics network and operating model. We facilitate a kick-off workshop and interview key stakeholders to enhance understanding and get a full picture of the project requirements.
Planning Base
We analyse a representative sample of data to build a picture of the current operational flows and costs. After, we incorporate forecasted growth to build a ‘planning base’ establishing the design volumes which are to be used for the modelling phase of the project.
Option Modelling
Our consultants work collaboratively to agree a shortlist of feasible strategic design options and we create bespoke models evaluating the total capital and operational costs of each scenario. The impact on service levels are also assessed to compare against cost.
Solution Development
Our consultants facilitate a workshop to assess the quantitative and qualitative aspects of each scenario, leading to an agreed preferred network strategy. The preferred solution is further developed leading to a transition plan, business case and final report for board approval.

We appreciate that most logistics networks are built through evolution and have fixed elements that cannot realistically be changed. Our consultants allow for this in the scenarios but can also include pure scenarios to understand the inefficiencies that such infrastructure or equipment generates. Our bespoke modelling is supplemented by use of visualisation tools including Centre of Gravity analysis, Starbursts and more.

Network Design, Centre of Gravity
Centre of Gravity analysis identifying the central point inbound and outbound flows

Our extensive experience in evaluating a range of strategic design options make BoxLogic an ideal partner to find the right solution for your supply chain. The benefits of working with BoxLogic are:

  • Proven methodical project approach and ability to work at all levels with our client’s teams
  • Highly analytical consultant team with extensive practical experience, capable of identifying practical solutions
  • Knowledge of what does and doesn’t work through our team’s engagement with many different cross-industry clients
  • Bespoke models offering traceable and auditable results that is often not available in ‘black-box’ products
  • Significant experience across the supply chain so we understand the importance of how everything aspect links together
  • Ability to design at national, continental or global level

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