Omnichannel Fulfilment

Create a solution to efficiently process online and store orders

Omnichannel fulfilment is the logistics process to satisfy a customer order across multiple channels. The importance of having an effective omnichannel fulfilment strategy has never been greater as increasing sales are made online and the same customers demand more flexibility around how an order is fulfilled. Modern consumers want a seamless customer experience, whether buying in-store, online or a combination of both. Strategic questions might include how to:

  • Segregate store and online stock pools?
  • Optimise delivery frequency of store stock and click and collect orders?
  • Design a warehouse that can process deep and shallow orders efficiently?
  • Pack orders in an efficient and environmentally responsible way?
  • Create an operational management structure to handle both streams?
  • Incorporate wholesale value-added services into the fulfilment process?
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Retailers require a more sophisticated fulfilment strategy, and this has significant consequences for warehouses, stores and systems. The shifting mix of orders towards eCommerce is having a sizable impact on retail and grocery operations. It can cost considerably more to satisfy an online order than an in-store transaction and retailers need to adapt their operations to survive.

BoxLogic are logistics experts and can support retailers to adapt to the ever-changing landscape by building a robust and efficient fulfilment strategy. Our team evaluate a range of different omnichannel strategies for both the network and the warehouse to find the most appropriate solution based on cost and other qualitative factors. Each project has a different set of challenges but broadly follows the following approach:

The objective is to develop a strong working understanding of the logistics network and operating model. We facilitate a kick-off workshop and interview key stakeholders to enhance understanding and get a full picture of the project requirements.
Planning Base
We analyse a representative sample of data to build a picture of the current operational flows and costs. We then incorporate forecasted growth to build a ‘Planning Base’, establishing the design volumes to be used for the modelling phase of the project.
Option Modelling
Our consultants work collaboratively to agree a shortlist of feasible strategic design options and we create bespoke models evaluating the total capital and operational costs of each scenario. The impact on service levels is also assessed to compare against cost.
Solution Development
Our consultants facilitate a workshop to assess the quantitative and qualitative aspects of each scenario, leading to an agreed preferred network strategy. The preferred solution is further developed leading to a transition plan, business case and final report for board approval.

The benefits of working with BoxLogic are:

  • Proven methodical project approach and ability to work at all levels with our clients’ teams
  • Highly analytical consultant team with extensive practical experience, capable of identifying practical solutions
  • Knowledge of what does and doesn’t work through our team’s engagement with many different retail and grocery clients
  • Bespoke models offering traceable and auditable results that are often not available in ‘black-box’ products
  • Significant experience across the supply chain means we understand the importance of how each aspect links to the other

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