Warehouse Automation & Robotics

Assessment and evaluation of technology in your warehouse

Automation is transforming the warehouse and logistics industry as businesses increasingly deploy technology to replace the tasks previously undertaken by people. This reduces operational costs, increases accuracy, and improves the efficiency of a distribution centre. There are three core objectives to warehouse automation projects: to evaluate a range of solutions to determine if there is a financial return on investment; to identify the most appropriate technology; and to design an end-to-end solution concept.

There is a wide variety of automation solutions available, and we use our extensive experience in designing and implementing automated warehouses to find the most appropriate solution for you. Automation is generally best deployed in labour intensive areas of the operation like picking, packing and sorting but can also be used in storage, intake and despatch too.

If automation and robotics aren’t right for your warehouse operation or there is no financial return, then we will make that clear before you engage a single solution provider. Through our technology evaluation we can advise you on the solution that offers the best return on your investment so that you can focus your procurement activity on feasible options only.

As an independent consultancy, we model generic solutions so that we consider feasible technology from across the market and only recommend what is right for your operation. Our team of consultants are skilled in designing automation solutions within new distribution centres and existing facilities, taking account of sunk investment, and building a feasible transition path. We use rigorous analysis and modelling so that correct assumptions are used and that we design concept solutions that are fit-for-purpose and practical.

The deliverables of warehouse automation and robotics projects depend on the exact requirements but typically include a report detailing the technology evaluation and recommended solution, business case input, equipment schedule and a detailed 2D CAD drawing of the concept layout. BoxLogic can also provide 3D rendered images and a VR (virtual reality) solution to communicate the vision of the new solution across the organisation.

BoxLogic can support your organisation from the concept design through to tendering and procurement, implementation and go-live.

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Typical Project Approach

We develop a strong working understanding of your warehouse and operating model by facilitating a kick-off workshop and interviewing key stakeholders to enhance our understanding and build a picture of the project requirements.

We analyse representative data sets to understand current operational flows. These are overlaid with growth projections to create a ‘planning base’. This is used as a key input to the option modelling phase.

Our consultants agree a shortlist of feasible options with the client project team. We then create bespoke models to evaluate the capital cost, operating cost, footprint, and service levels of each option. A preferred solution is then agreed for further development based on the return on investment and appetite for capital investment.

We work with you to further develop the preferred solution and build a business case for board approval and to define a transition plan to the future state solution.

We develop a comprehensive tender pack detailing the solution requirements to issue to the shortlist of agreed vendors. Our team coordinate the Q&A process while vendors create their sales proposals. After reviewing proposals, refining solution designs and costs, visiting reference sites a contract award is made.

Our consultants work with your team to review the contract in the agreed form, making recommendations where necessary. We can also provide expert guidance through the detailed design, implementation, and go-live stages to ensure that the built solution meets the requirements set out at the start of the process, mitigating risks along the way.

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