Warehouse Control Systems

WCS review, specification, testing and implementation

Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) are software that control and direct the automation equipment (e.g. ASRS, sorters, conveyors, pallet / tote stackers etc.) in a warehouse or distribution centre. A WCS can control the end-to-end product flow in a fully automated warehouse or a specific type of operation (e.g. storage and retrieval or packaging) in a semi-automated warehouse.

Typically, a WCS is installed by the vendor that has implemented the automation within the warehouse. This changes when there are multiple automation providers in a single site. Modern warehouse control systems are also now able to function as a WMS. In a warehouse which has both systems, it is important to define the dividing line clearly and in a way that allows both systems to complement each other. This is often challenging and many implementations fail to get this dividing line right.

BoxLogic Consultants have significant experience with warehouse automation and control systems and as such, we recommend involving a professional, independent expert such as ourselves when defining the scope of each WMS and WCS.

Our scope of services include:

BoxLogic is the right choice of partner when making decisions around the scope of WCS:

  • We are an independent, neutral, software / vendor agnostic consultancy
  • We provide a single point-of-contact partner for advice and implementation
  • We have a track record of successful delivery
  • We offer end-to-end expertise in warehouse automation and control systems
  • We leverage experience gained from a variety of projects across industry sectors and geographies
  • We have an in-depth understanding of wider warehouse operations and potential impact

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