Warehouse Management Systems

WMS review, specification, testing and implementation

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software designed to support and manage the operations of a warehouse by providing a range of functionalities.

Whether you operate a manual warehouse or a fully automated one, BoxLogic’s consultants have vast experience in reviewing, selecting and implementing WMS applications. We have completed projects in a wide variety of industry sectors for several clients. Our consultants have worked with all three tiers of WMS in businesses of varied sizes. We work with your team to review your current WMS, perform a Gap Analysis and if considered necessary help select and implement a new WMS.

Our expertise can help your operation in the following ways:

  • Review existing WMS functionality usage versus capability
  • Evaluate your WMS requirements, conducting a Gap Analysis
  • Build a business case to support WMS development
  • Develop ‘To Be’ process flows based on captured requirements
  • Build a Functional Design Specification (FDS)
  • Understand which WMS is most appropriate for your operation
  • Lead, manage or support a WMS tender and/or selection process
  • Implement the software in your warehouse
  • End-to-end implementation support
  • Project management, steering support, quality assurance or governance
  • Testing guidance, support or project management
  • User acceptance testing (UAT) and training
  • Cut-over strategies and go-live
  • Upgrade current WMS to the latest or most appropriate version

More than one-third of warehouses do not have a WMS and many more will be using an old legacy platform and not taking advantage of the latest advances in technology. The increasing complexity of warehouse operations resulting from the growing number of fulfilment channels is exposing the inefficiencies and lack of functionality of legacy systems. The benefits of implementing a modern warehouse management system include:

  • Move to a functionality-rich WMS meeting the operation’s requirements
  • Added functionality (e.g. task interleaving, optimised slotting, directed tasks) can have a positive impact on productivity, utilisation and capacity
  • Better reporting and MIS – more information to help make better decisions

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