The impact of the pandemic on online retail sales

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the society across the globe. And it is very likely that some of the changes caused by COVID-19 will be ‘the new normal’ after restrictions are lifted.

Retail is one sector, already experiencing significant change in recent years, that is seeing acceleration of the changes.

What does the latest data show?

internet retail growth

Source: ONS Retail Sales Index – Internet Retail Sales (Non-seasonally adjusted)


Pre-lockdown increase in the proportion of internet retail sales for Jan and Feb

23rd March 2020

UK implements lockdown measures to prevent spread of COVID-19


Significant year-on-year rise in online sales in first full month of lockdown


But will the trend continue into June as the lockdown measures begin to lift?

COVID-19 might have kickstarted UK online sales growth, after beginning to slow by creating a long-lasting changes in consumer behaviour

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