When to engage a logistics consultancy

Every organisation needs to leverage skills to adapt to the constant change that typifies the age that we currently live. It is critical to know which type of skillset and resource to leverage and when.

This infographic examines the when organisations should use each of three broad categories; permanent employees, interims and consultants.

Typical Types of Resource


A permanent member of staff, employed on a full or part-time basis


A fixed-term contractor to supplement or backfill permanent resource


A team of external consultants engaged to deliver specific project or objective

Fully shaded stopwatch in green to show permanent staff

Full-time and multiple year engagement

Half shaded stopwatch in green to show a fixed length but longer engagement

Full-time engagement over a sustained period

Quarter shaded stopwatch in green to show short term consultancy engagement

Shorter-term engagement

Organisational structure to show that a permanent employee fits into the structure

Less specialisation and more cultural alignment

Two hands to show the hands on nature of typical interim work

More hands-on change management

A pencil drawing out plans on a piece of paper to denote the technical nature of consultancy support

Greater specialism or technical skillset

A plant growing in a hand to show how a permanent employee is to grow with the organisation and be shaped by the culture

Develop a new skillset over many years within the organisation

A lightbulb in a human head to show the strategic or tactical nature of interim assignments

External perspective to challenge existing practices or offer ideas in best practice

A lightbulb in a human head to show how consultants bring fresh ideas to an organisation

Access to organisational knowledge and an external perspective

A continuous process circle to show a change management role developing into a permanent role

Take on role in hands-on change management with a view to running once live

An open door to illustrate the open ended assignments of interims

Relatively open-ended assignments with less defined objectives

A finishing line flag to depict the fixed length nature of consultancy projects

Fixed length or price project based on completion of specific goals

Examples of When to Use


Analysis or management of a task, process or team


Deliver change management project or programme


Evaluate the best course of action on strategy or project


Logistics and supply chain consultants are a vital component of any organisation’s resource pool. They provide specialist expertise on both well-defined and technical projects.

Interim or permanent resource can be more appropriate when looking for long-term or less a less specialised skillset. Its all about knowing who is best and when

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Infographic summarising the above information