Case Study with Prime Print Group

BoxLogic supported Prime Print Group to simulate alternative operational scheduling options to increase the production and warehouse capacity to meet the sales peak
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Prime Print Group create personalised printed communications and products to their B2C customers. The product range includes personalised books, cards, calendars, mugs, keyrings, pet products and other consumer focused merchandise. The company produces and despatches up to 7,500 orders on a peak day from their factory and warehousing facility in Mansfield.

The Challenge

The company was experiencing rapid growth especially during peak and wanted to explore options to improve their operations and fulfilment capacity by reviewing their work release and scheduling process. The outcomes had to help them manage increasing volumes within a constrained footprint, reduce bottlenecks and backlogs during peak, and prepare for the 2020 peak period.

Our Approach

Familiarisation & Analysis
BoxLogic started with an operational familiarisation and data analysis phase aimed at understanding their current operations, production and scheduling process. We then developed a scheduling simulation model to replicate the current operations, work release and scheduling process, which acted as a baseline to compare alternative options.
Option Modelling
The model was refined and other ways of work release scheduling were considered. Alternative scenarios were modelled to assess a range of variables including production batch sizes, work hours per day and wave release patterns. The impact of basic automation equipment such as conveyors and pick to light was considered.
Option Comparison & Recommendations
The outputs for each scenario (footprint, productivity and throughput) were compared against the baseline to identify the most feasible option. Recommendations were drawn based on modelling results and feedback was provided along with a recommended roadmap.

The Results

  • We recommended optimal batch sizes by each product category, an extension of operating hours at peak and the implementation of backward scheduling logic across the operations
  • Other recommendations included a review of the operational systems and suggested warehouse technologies to explore, including conveyors and super dense storage and picking systems

What Does Our Client  Say?

BoxLogic worked closely with the team and did a great job to simulate various feasible options. Their recommendations should help us move towards increased capacity and throughput
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Jon Tolley