Supply Chain Project Management

De-risk your logistics and supply chain transformations with experienced project management or steering support

Project management is essential to the successful delivery and implementation of any operational transformation. BoxLogic’s services go beyond consulting advice through to the implementation of logistics and supply chain projects.

What is Supply Chain Project Management

Supply chain project management is the delivery of transformational projects within or across the supply chain. Projects vary in type, with some focusing on changes in physical with the transition of reconfiguring a warehouse layout; systemic with the deployment or upgrade of a Warehouse Management System or ERP system; or organisational with restructuring of a supply chain function to better deliver the objectives of an organisation.

The aim of the project is to deliver changes to support the supply chain to work more effectively and efficiently, within the required timescales and budgets.

Project Management versus Supply Chain Management

Project management is the delivery of a transformation or change within the organisation while supply chain management is the running of the day-to-day or steady state activities to ensure that goods are in the right place, in the right quantity, at the right time.

To maximise the chances of a successful project it is essential that the two functions work closely together. Dedicated project management resource allows the project to move forward by having specific focus whilst also allowing the operation to continue running smoothly. However, it is important to have the supply chain team involvement within the project to provide subject matter expertise and also to shape the output of the project, so it works well for them when it is handed over upon project completion.

How BoxLogic Can Help

BoxLogic can provide experienced project managers to support the successful delivery of projects across the supply chain.

Project Stage
How Can BoxLogic Help
Logistics Network Transformation
Following the output of a logistics or supply chain network design project, project management support can help to smoothly transition from the current to the proposed state. This might include the setting up of new or closing of existing facilities and the associated tasks to make this happen.
Logistics Outsourcing
Managing the transition from an inhouse to an outsourced warehouse or transport operation can be fraught with difficulties. Experienced project management resource can be invaluable in achieving a smooth transition and ensure that the relationship with the 3PL gets off to a good start.
Warehouse Relocation
Manage the relocation from one warehouse to another with the creation and execution of a robust project plan. This could include the installation of MHE and equipment, implementation of systems, stock migration, recruitment and training of new employees amongst a range of other deliverables.
Transport Management System Implementation
Expert resource to manage the implementation of a new TMS from steering support as part of the selection process, to detailed design of the software solution and extending into commissioning the system with testing and training support to deliver benefits as early as possible.
Warehouse Reconfiguration
Warehouse reconfigurations require careful planning and management to deliver on-time and within budget without disrupting the ongoing operation. Space needs to be created to install the new equipment and coordination between the building contractors and various teams in the warehouse is critical to minimise the disruption and adjust the plan as required.
Warehouse Automation Implementation
Warehouse automation projects are complex and require experienced support for a successful delivery. Our support manages the programme to pull in operational knowledge during the detailed design phase, through to devising, executing and signing off the testing process in addition to coordinating activities between the various stakeholders within an agreed governance structure.
Warehouse Management System Implementation
Coordinating activity between the software supplier, the operation and the wider project team, our support challenges the testing programme to ensure it is fit-for-purpose, capturing and resolving defects before go-live. Our close interaction with the operation helps execute a realistic ramp-up plan and oversees end-user training being completed on time through the creation of new SOPs and ways of working.

Our Process

Each project will differ in its requirements and BoxLogic can provide expert resource to support businesses to deliver change across many areas, however, each project follows a similar process.

The project manager familiarises themselves with the operation and project stakeholders to build the relationships that will be essential throughout the programme. The objectives of the project will be established alongside the appropriate governance structure. A realistic plan will be created in line with the available resources.

The project manager will coordinate the completion of tasks throughout the programme. Through regular touch points, they will provide formal communication on the status of the project, capturing risks and issues, working with the wider team to resolve them in a timely fashion.

The project manager can be on-hand during go-live, providing further support to manage the cut over to the operations team, creating short-term solutions to overcome issues as well as identifying root cause resolutions. The project governance will be handed over including the lessons learned to support future implementation delivery.

Case Study

Find out how BoxLogic helped our client to upgrade its digital interface, IT systems and supply chain to integrate new product ranges into its operations.


A manufacturer of flooring products was looking to expand its product range into non-flooring products. To do this it needed to upgrade its digital interface and IT systems across the supply chain to be able to support this requirement.

Project Approach

  • BoxLogic took on the role of project managing the workstreams across the business
  • Subject matter expertise was coordinated from owners of the Warehouse Management System (WMS), ERP, B2B portal, website as well as procurement and operations
  • We monitored and communicated progress over a twelve-month period on a weekly basis with in-depth monthly project meetings to drive progress through the project


The specification, testing and implementation of the required changes were all completed before the critical peak period for the customer. The first non-flooring products were shipped after peak and processed through the network allowing the business to focus on the delivery of peak trading. The enhancements have improved the client’s proposition by being able to include additional manufactured or externally sourced products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Project management relates to the application of processes, tools, techniques and knowledge to bring about specific outcomes. This can be applied to any discipline inside or outside the supply chain, whereas supply chain management relates to the discipline of having the right product, in the right quantity, in the right place at the right time. Project managers bring about change within an organisation whilst supply chain managers oversee the day-to-day flow of goods from suppliers to customers.

Project managers are required to deliver transformational change within the supply chain. The best project managers have experience in the function in which they are delivering change and so they may have started off an operational job within the supply chain before moving into project management of supply chain projects.

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