Case Study with Snug Sofa

Tender support of after Snug Sofa exceeded it's inhouse capacity and needed to outsource its warehousing function to a 3PL to support its rapid sales growth projections.

Client Overview

Snug Sofa Logo

Snug Sofa is the original ‘Sofa in a Box Company’ offering quality and stylish furniture. Sofas can be assembled in as little as three minutes with no tools and no fuss.

Project Objectives

Snug was experiencing rapid growth and had outgrown its in-house warehousing facilities. The management team had already decided that outsourcing the warehousing function was essential to achieving the operational scale to support the sales growth over the coming years. Snug needed a team of logistics experts to support them to prepare for a tender process to select a third-party logistics (3PL) provider.  

  • Document the operational requirements of an outsourced warehouse operation as part of the preparation of a tender process
  • Recommend a long-list of appropriate 3PLs to engage with, and initiate the tender process to shortlist the most suitable 3PLs

Project Approach

  • Quickly developed an understanding of the current warehouse and distribution operation.
  • Analysed recent stock and order data to define the as-is operational throughputs and storage requirements.
  • Overlaying projected sales growth to determine the future storage, throughput and footprint requirements.
  • Compiled an RFI (Request-for-Information) pack for issue to a long-list of suitable 3PLs based on our extensive market knowledge.
  • Assessed 3PL responses to the RFI, shortlisting those with the most relevant sector experience and availability.
  • Collated an RFP (Request-for-Pricing) document for issue to the 3PLs, detailing the operational requirements for the business.
  • Keep in touch with the Snug project team, providing advice as they opted to manage the process internally.

Project Results

  • Provided a shortlist of pre-qualified and suitable vendors to commence the RFP process.
  • Supplied a comprehensive tender pack to support 3PLs to build an informed and fully-costed proposal.
  • Selected a 3PL to act as the fulfilment partner and support the realisation of its ambitious growth plans.

Client Feedback

BoxLogic was quick to understand the brief and offered value from day one. The team kept in close communication throughout the project and delivered what they set out to on-time and in budget.
Rob Bridgman
BoxLogic did an excellent job, advising our team on the required approach and outlining a comprehensive RF process. Throughout the project, BoxLogic kept us fully informed on progress and had a very clear & structured approach with regards to questions and issues to be resolved. The final result was exactly as we required & has enabled us to secure a best-in-market 3PL partner.
Jon Blackwell
Group Head of Supply Chain

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