Case Study with International Health Partners

The global health NGO required advice on documenting it's scheduling and forecasting requirements to move from manual spreadsheet tools to determine whether to build new software inhouse or consider an off-the-shelf solution.

Client Overview

International Health Partners is a global health NGO, supporting people in disaster-hit and vulnerable communities to get vital medicines. The company is a registered charity which sources medicines and aid (from donors, primarily pharmaceutical companies) to disaster hit countries globally via their network of Logistics Partners. 

Project Objectives

IHP used an in-house system for inventory management and shipment tracking, supported by manual programs and spreadsheets. A system that offered full functionality could free up resource as well as reduce the organisation’s reliance on spreadsheets and team experience.

  • Document operational requirements as part of the scheduling and forecasting process
  • Assess the requirements against the available solutions on the market
  • Inform decision whether to develop inhouse software or buy an off-the-shelf system

Project Approach

  • Rapid familiarisation of the current system landscape, operational processes and key applications used in scheduling and forecasting.
  • Detailed requirements gathering through interviews with the project team and key stakeholders.
  • Facilitated workshop to review, categorise and prioritise the business requirements as a team.

Project Results

  • Documented the system requirements for the scheduling and forecasting processes; categorised as ‘standard’ and ‘non-standard’, ‘must-have’ and nice-to-have’ and short, medium or long-term.
  • A final report documented the requirements, recommendations, a list of suitable software and vendors, resourcing requirements, roadmap, timeline and next steps.

Client Feedback

BoxLogic helped us formulate and map out our scheduling and forecasting needs. Their insight and experience have been invaluable to us at a critical point in our growth and has helped us visualise and plan our next steps to a more organised, efficient future.
Sean D'Castro
Central Operations Manager

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