Green Supply Chain – Warehousing

Supply chain leaders are responding to growing calls for sustainability by setting challenging operational targets.

Reducing energy consumption in your own operations is a great place to start. Not only does this enhance your green credentials but these investments also pay for themselves.

What are the key opportunities to focus on?

Typical Warehouse Energy Consumption

Chart showing the energy consumption of a typical warehouse by category
Source: Carbon Trust, based on a 15,000m2 ambient warehouse

Key Opportunities

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Upgrade to LED bulbs to reduce energy usage by 70% or up to 85% by using motion and daylight sensors etc.

Turn off heating unless storage or health and safety requirements demand it. Use ventilation to circulate heating as required

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Install and regularly clean skylights and make use of natural light to reduce the lighting requirements during the daytime

Switch to electric forklift trucks, where appropriate. Recharge batteries at off-peak times to take advantage of lower tariffs

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