McKinsey on what’s holding operations from investing in automation

A very insightful paper by McKinsey on the increasing uncertainty that is holding back logistics operations from investing in automation.

Among the top reasons they mention, are problems “obtaining the new gizmos”. Automation vendors are growing at a faster rate than ecommerce volumes and can lack the capacity to even provide quotation. Furthermore, there is confusion around which technology to invest in, how to spec at the right level and ensure prices are competitive. McKinsey state that they “have seen purchase prices for the same equipment vary by as much as 50 percent”.

This is where BoxLogic can support the market. As logistics automation experts, we can:

• Evaluate whether automation is right for an operation before seeking quotation

• Analyse projected business volumes to appropriately size an automated solution

• Accurately cost a solution and use our vast project experience to ensure value for money

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