An overview to Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation performs the repetitive tasks traditionally carried out
 by people, driving efficiencies in warehouses across the globe.

But what are the key aspects for any business leader considering investing in their logistics operations?

When does it work best?

Highly repeatable tasks

Steady demand profiles

High space or labour costs

Large volumes to process

Online order fulfilment

What are the benefits?

Reduced operational costs

Improved ergonomics

Lower labour dependency

Reduced order lead times

Increased accuracy

What are the key risks?

  • Selecting inappropriate automation technology
  • Underestimating the scale of IT changes
  • Not building enough flexibility in the solution design
  • Overestimating the productivity benefits available
  • Upskilling a warehouse team not used to automation

Implementation Timeline

Low complexity solutions

6 – 9 months

18 – 24 months

More complex solutions

Visit our warehouse and robotics page to find out more about our offering or contact our expert consulting team at to learn how automation could be used in your operation and how to evaluate its benefits

An image distilling the warehouse automation overview into a single slide